It’s no secret that keeping Adult Learners enrolled in Adult Education Classes is a feat in and of itself. No one can argue that, even without the added pressure of COVID-19. School Administrators and Program Directors all over the Instructors from the organizations all over the world are scrambling to find cost-effective and efficient ways of keeping their students in the their virtual ‘seats’. The Instructors¬† that we work with have started to use WRM in ways to combat this major pain point.

  1.  Automated Messaging
    WorkReady Mobile has a built in feature for School Admins to create Automated Messages to send out to your student body. This could be to help them check in on their goals, to make sure that they send in important documents, and much more. You create a timed trigger that you can set and leave alone! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the additional workload, this is one thing that you can set at the beginning of the month and let it roll out on it’s own.

2. Creating a ‘Class’ just for HSE interest
We got this idea from our friend, Ms. Kevela Kirby, a Student Navigator at Dallas County Community College District. A big part of her responsibilities before COVID-19, was attending job fairs, educational fairs, and other similar events, playing the field to see who might be interested in getting their GED, or taking over Adult Ed courses at Richland College. 
What Ms. Kirby did, was she created a class within the app for all of those that she meets at those job fairs and in passing. This way, the prospective students are all in one place and they can still get consistent notifications and information regarding the program. It also makes it easier for prospective students to get resources to make their educational journey a little less difficult. 

3. Link up!
A recent enhancement that we came out with, was the ability to have usable hyperlinks in the app. Wether that’s the Class-specific Calendar, the Job Board, Additional Resources, etc, Instructors all across our system are using this to their advantage to not only post Zoom links to online classes, but use the “Class Meeting” feature to make sure that students get a notification for when class is about to start.
One of the biggest issue with online classes is the lack of personal accountability. But, when classes are accessible on your phone, that opens up a whole new world of possibility.

Goals are set and tracked
Student share success with group

Administration get quantifiable data for compliance, future success and funding