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Helping 5 million adults get their High School Equivalency Diploma for less than $1/month per student.

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As a change maker, you’re passionate about getting people an education. We know that you care about making a difference in the lives of adults getting their High School Equivalency Diploma. Providing communication to students is key in this process. Our mobile app offers that communication tool, but it’s also more. With our app, your students actually have a counselor—a tether to help them get through their program. This means that student retention increases as does the number of lives you are helping to change.


Retaining students is great, but it’s difficult to determine the impact your program is having if you don’t have the tools to measure it. We have the solution! Our mobile app allows you to easily and quickly measure and capture gains. This includes information such as a student telling you that they earned their High School Equivalency Diploma or received a promotion because of your program. This makes it easier than ever to capture the impact your program truly is having.


You’re in the business of helping adults achieve their education goals—goals they might never have thought were possible before your program. Us too! Our app is targeted towards those who don’t have a HS credential and is laid out in a way that makes it easy for every student in your program to outline and achieve their education goals. If your program were to partner with our app, it would be much easier to help hundreds of adults earn their High School Equivalency Diploma, get a better job, and move on to what’s next.


Shanese Alexander is the Program Director with Dallas County Community College District. She oversees the Adult Education programs, special populations programs, and so much more. Shanese talks about their experience with WorkReady Mobile®. There is so much range that WRM can offer. It is not only a way to track the progress of the students and staff within the program, but DCCCD uses it as an outreach tool for prospective students as well. 


Work Ready Mobile® is a mobile application designed to increase the performance and graduation rates of adult students perusing their GEDs (Highschool Equivalency Diploma)


Our mission is to make a positive impact by provided powerful tools to administrators, teachers and student that lead to impactful and measurable results.


The WorkReady Mobile® system is the key to your program’s success. We built the system, but the app becomes your own. It will have your school’s name on it and you’re able to run the app for your students. We’ve seen and know the financial gains that these individuals will get going from no HS diploma to HS-similar education. In order to get them to that point, our app makes it easy for students in your program to lay out their goals, look at their classes, and have a counselor that is an anchor helping them get through the program. Like you and your program, we are helping these individuals get to a better side of life. Let’s make that difference together.



Raising Achievement. Maximizing Revenue

Submit work from anywhere

Submit work from anywhere

Students and instructors’ message and share documents securely
Goals are set and tracked
Student share success with group

Administration get quantifiable data for compliance, future success and funding


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